Preparing for a Colonoscopy

Ultimate Health Clinic offers Colonic Hydrotherapy as a preparation for colonoscopies and other exams. Usually, 1-3 colon hydrotherapy sessions are necessary to ready the colon for exam procedures.

Joseph J. Forito, MD, FACG

Joseph J. Forito, MD, FACG, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Chief – Division of Gastroenterology at Danbury Hospital, Connecticut, conducted a study of the efficacy of Colon Hydrotherapy vs chemical preparations.

The Hydrotherapy Study concluded that using colon-cleansing procedures (Hydrotherapy or hydro) were both preferred by patients over chemical preparations and by the doctors who found it less likely that patients were not adequately cleansed for exams and procedures.With colon hydrotherapy, patients can avoid the inconvenience and often messy preparation of drinking laxatives prior to the procedure. “Some people find the palatability of the liquid unacceptable,” said Dr. Fiorito. “Many people can’t tolerate drinking the liquid laxatives required the night before a colonoscopy to cleanse their colon.”

“Colon hydrotherapy is a simple and effective way to prepare the colon for colonoscopy as well as other colon procedures, especially in the elderly, frail and constipated. It is also useful in diabetics and patients unable to undergo fasting as well as those who are unable to tolerate an episode of diarrhoea.

Colon hydrotherapy actively promotes peristalsis, enhancing the tone of the colon musculature and supports the elimination of physical as well as toxic waste from the colon. This is of advantage to patients suffering from constipation and those with poor bowel habits.”

Colon Hydrotherapy for Pre-endoscopy preparation – Hebei Medical Journal, Dec 2004, Vol 25, No. 12 Nurse Hua JH, Surgeon Zhao Fa, Guo LinLi

Morton Walker, DPM.

The Following comes from: Morton Walker, DPM. Value of Colon Hydrotherapy Verified by Medical Professionals Prescribing It, Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, August 2000.

“For some patients with chronic constipation or extensive yeast problems, colon hydrotherapy works advantageously to get rid of the physical load of pathology in the gastrointestinal tract. This treatment stimulates the liver and gets rid of the debris that’s sticking to the mucosa.”

Dr. Leonard Smith states: “l am very well acquainted with the colon’s functions, and my true belief is that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing medium for preparing the patient for colonoscopy. It’s a much better way of getting the human colon ready for an operation than having a patient swallow a gallon of that usual pre-surgery solution’ Instead, colon hydrotherapy has the patient avoid this solution’s noxious side effects of vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramping, and other troubles.

Dr. Robert Charm suggests: “And by all means, I prefer my patients to undergo colon hydrotherapy the morning of a colonoscopy. It’s a safe way to cleanse the gut. It’s a healing technique for the relief of irritable bowel syndrome with gas and bloating, chronic constipation, abdominal discomfort, and many other GI tract problems.”


quote I just wanted to say a massive thank you to both Caroline and Gill for making a horrible situation so much easier. For years I have suffered with terrible bowel problems and I’ve had to have numerous colonoscopies. The worst part of the procedure is the day before because you have to drink litres of a drink to flush your whole bowel out. It is the hardest thing to endure. You cannot leave your house, it is so vile that it’s hard to get it into you ...and it leaves you feeling so dehydrated I used to get chronic headaches from it . 

After speaking with Caroline she suggested I get two colonics and some abdomen cupping therapy, the first sessions the day before my procedure and the second the day of. 
This helped me no end as I didn’t have to go through the ordeal of staying at home and drinking that vile drink ...... Gill worked on my abdomen to help move everything through my bowel to make the colonic even more effective, Caroline then performed my colonic.

I was completely ready when I went for my procedure. My bowel was empty and the colonoscopy was able to go ahead... no yucky drinks!! 
Once again thank you both so very much . It really made a massive difference to the procedure for me .... I cannot speak highly enough of the work you guys do xxxx quote

11 December 2018