OXY-POWDER removes hard faecal matter from the colon AND the digestive tract in order to promote good health and abolish abdominal ailments. It is gentle on the digestive lining and helps relieve bloating, back pain diarrhoea, constipation, poor appetite and weight problems. Oxy-powder is a combination of oxygen species and magnesium compounds which work on a time release system. The formula is known to improve the immune system and provide the most effective colon cleanse. OXY-POWDER can be used as a detox while relieving symptoms of constipation. There are no unpleasant side effects like cramping, they are the most effective treatment to detox the bowel and prepare clients for colonics.

Top reasons to use OXY-POWDER

  • To cleanse and detoxify the whole digestive tract
  • To promote intestinal harmony, creating an environment that creates probiotic growth
  • It contains ingredients which are shown to be clinically safe
  • Reduces bloating and uncomfortable feeling in abdomen
  • Supports proper digestion and cleansing of impacted faecal matter from bowels AND intestines

The benefits of OXY-POWDER

  • It is clinically backed to be safe for constipation and IBS
  • It cleanses and detoxifies your colon while you sleep
  • It dislodges toxic filled faecal matter without harming the intestines
  • Does not cause interruption in daily comings and goings


Gut Health - a healthy gut - a healthy you
  • Ozonated Magnesium Oxides
  • Natural Citric Acid
  • Organic Acacia Gum
  • Kosher certified Vegetarian capsules

Allergen Information

  • Product is vegan and Gluten free


Is OXY-POWDER safe for daily use?
Yes, it is safe for daily use when taken as directed.

What should I expect from taking OXY-POWDER?
You will experience more frequent, smoother bowel movements.

Will I become dependent on OXY-POWDER?
No, this is a gentle alternative to stimulant laxatives.

Will I become dehydrated using OXY-POWDER?
There is no evidence to suggest it will cause dehydration, of course you must be consuming the recommended daily intake of water to stay hydrated.

How long will I have to take OXY-POWDER for?
You should have 3-5 bowel movements the day after using OXY-POWDER, if this is not achieved you will increase intake until you do, once achieved you can use as part of maintenance.

What if I do not have a bowel movement after taking OXY-POWDER?
Everyone is different; therefore, supplements will work differently on each individual. Depending on your health, you may not experience a bowel movement until the second or third day. We recommend giving it at least a week to work. If your digestive system is clogged it can take several days to clear.

When should I take my OXY-POWDER?
It can be taken at any time of day, most people however prefer to take it at night so they can have their bowel movement at home in the morning.

Will OXY-POWDER affect my daily routine?
Once you have access to a bathroom, OXY-POWDER will not impact your daily routine. If you are having more than five bowel movements per day, then reduce your intake by up to 2 capsules.

Can I continue to take my regular medications and supplements while using OXY-POWDER?
There are no reports of contraindications however, check with your healthcare professional.

Can I use OXY-POWDER while pregnant or breastfeeding?
Consult with your healthcare professional.

Is it safe to use OXY-POWDER if you have a pre-existing condition?
If you have a specific concern we would recommend you speak with your healthcare professional.

Is it normal to feel tired while using OXY-POWDER?
When beginning a cleanse, toxins are removed from the body, very few people may experience mild headache, cramping or flu like symptoms, these will subside as toxins are expelled.

Can I continue taking magnesium supplements in addition to OXY-POWDER?
Yes, OXY-POWDER contains ozonated magnesium oxide, not dietary magnesium.

How is OXY-POWDER different from herbal laxatives that contain magnesium?
Laxatives that contain magnesium hydroxide pull fluid into the intestines, which can cause dehydration or electrolyte imbalance; OXY-POWDER is a combination of oxygen species and magnesium compounds which work on a time release system.