Meet our Partners

Declan Dore

Job Title: Kangen Alkaline Water Specialist 

Having travelled to Japan to learn all about the many health benefits and uses of the Kangen Water technology, Declan is our go too man when it comes to this amazing machine. At the touch of a button 7 different types of pH waters can be produced with each having its own unique benefit. 

Declan has an amazing life story where at the age of 21 he fractured his skull through an unfortunate accident, and as a result was at risk of not being able to walk, talk or have the use of most of his face again. He spent years recovering and traveled to many different countries around the world to learn all about health and different ways to get his mind and body well. Thankfully today he is fit, strong and full of energy and loves to share his life experiences with people who could benefit from his journey. 

The main purpose behind Declan promoting the Kangen Water technology is as a result of what he has been through and the health benefits he received from drinking and using the different pH waters. 

If you would like to learn more check out his website where he shares an excellent demonstration on how this machine works plus you will also hear from the countless amount of people whom he has helped along the way.

  Declan Dore

Ber Collins

Job Title: Stress Management Consultant

Ber is a UK trained Stress Management Consultant and Trainer in Complementary Therapies.

She is the author of the book “Every Mum has Magic Kisses” which tells the story of how she overcame her own struggle with severe stress. As a columnist with newspapers in Limerick, Donegal and Longford she offers advice to parents on the numerous and varied difficulties encountered while raising kids.

From her own experience Ber knows it is possible to move beyond living in a stressful state which can cause us to feel anxious, irritable, angry and even wanting to withdraw from family and friends.

She is passionate about empowering people with the tools they need to live lives filled with love, fun and happiness.

EFT is a powerful, well- researched, easy to learn and apply technique that helps with stress, pain relief, healing from childhood traumas, weight loss, fears and phobias to name a few and is ideal for any of you wanting to learn a real, modern, structured tool for working with the energy system of your clients directly.

  Ber Collins

Barbora Bohus

Job Title: Sports Injury Therapist

Barbora has been studying on the Medicine Faculty carrying out professional activities in the field of primary prevention, protection, support and strengthen health. She continues to study and gathers more skills and experience in well-known Colleges in Ireland. She has over 5 years experience in sports injuries connected with physical activities in many sports areas. She is qualified as a Bachelor in Health & Safety, awarded QQI Level 5 Community Health services, ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy, ITEC Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy. Barbora is very professional and feels a responsibility to offer to a client the best. She is constantly learning new therapist methods how to speed up and improve clients health. She is qualified in Cupping Therapy. which is an amazing technique with many benefits on the body. Barbora is also awarded in Kinesio Taping workshop which is a brilliant technique that helps not just the athletes.  Barbora provides consultation and full body/ posture analysis, followed by treatment including all techniques which are used for healing or recovery process.

  Barbora Bohus