Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy room

Salt Therapy performed at The Ultimate Health Clinic is a 100% natural, drug free treatment.

It relieves congested airways, coughs, sleepless nights due to asthma attacks and other symptoms.

Salt Therapy is a clinically tested DRUG-FREE treatment, which replicates the healing microclimate within a naturally occurring salt cave.  This is achieved by using high dispersion, saline diffused air. The dry, diffused  salty air is breathed in to relieve   health problems such  respiratory and skin conditions.

While modern pharmaceuticals provide effective relief from chronic diseases, there are serious side effects associated with repeated or prolonged use. Continuous drug therapy is associated with the possible development of allergic or toxic reactions,  development of antibiotic resistent microorganisms, spreading of dysbiosis and long-term immune system compromise.

Our patients normally stop using their antibiotics, corticosteroid, inhalers, antihistamine and other drugs, not because we ask them to, but because they have become symptom-free.

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The Microclimate

The healing microclimate of a natural salt mine is recreated  inside a therapeutic salt room using the Prizsalt Halogenerator the highest quality halogenrator medical device  on the market , pharmaceutical grade salt is finely milled and accurately mixed with a regulated current of air, which is then evenly dispersed throughout the salt room. is programmed to synchronise particle size, concentration, room temperature and humidity and to maintain the optimum, therapeutic environment for each client. We clean and ventilate the room after each treatment to ensure your personal treatment is exact and hygenic.

Therapeutic Mechanism of Action

The dry, negatively charged, salt enriched air is easily inhaled with the natural breathing rhythm, as the salt particles are very small and hardly noticeable. Because of this, the salt can be inhaled to the deepest level of the lower lungs.  This guarantees delivery of the healing benefits of the salt where it is mostly needed. Once in place it dissolves and attracts the positively charged, small impurities, which are later coughed up by the patient or leave the body via metabolic processes.

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* Please note that Salt Therapy is only available in our Limerick Clinic and not in Newbridge.


Frequently Asked Questions

New kids salt room

What happens during a session?
During sessions, a machine grinds up pharmaceutical salt to a fine dust that is then dispersed into the room for you to inhale. You just sit back and relax in our tranquil salt room whilst listening to ambient music with low level mood lighting, You are free to bring a book although you may need to bring a reading light as the room is somewhat darkened.

What should I wear?
We advise you to wear light coloured casual clothing, as the fine salt particles may show up on dark clothing. It does, however, just brush off. It is not necessary to wear gym clothes or bring a change of clothes for afterwards. You will be offered shoe covers to keep the salt on the floor sterile and clean.

How long does a session last?
Sessions last for 45 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes before your initial session to complete the necessary paperwork.

Am I going to feel anything?
You will feel deeply relaxed and rejuvenated! Just sit back and breathe naturally in the tranquil environment. You may feel the salt tickle your throat or nose as it clears the mucus. Some may also get a slight taste of salt on their lips

Is there an age restriction?
Salt therapy is available to people of all ages. For the children, we have a room with toys and some reading materials, where kids can play, not realising they are receiving therapy.

What is the experience like?
It is similar to visiting a spa. You will be going into the therapy room, the walls and floor are coated with salt and you will be able to relax with a book, MP3 player or just listen to the soothing music and breathe naturally. As there are fine salt particles in the air we would recommend keeping any electronics in a pocket or a plastic sleeve. Phones should be turned off or at least on silent.

How does treatment at Salt Therapy Spa work?
Salt Therapy Spa brings to you the natural microclimate found in salt caves and mines in a controlled environment. While you are in the room, we are infusing a dry salt aerosol into the room. It is the breathing of this aerosol that provides the beneficial effect for a variety of ailments. 

How is salt therapy controlled?
Dry sodium chloride aerosol containing particles of 1-5 micrometers in size are produced and infused into this room by a halo generator. The halo generator is programmed to infuse a particular dosage of salt particles into the room.. We can also change the machine settings depending on the needs of the patient.  Rooms are ventilated for 15 minutes and fresh filtered air is supplied after each session.

How does Salt therapy alleviate allergies?
Salt is believed to be naturally anti-histaminic. Anti-histamines are important in combatting the body’s immune response to allergens. Also, the micro particles of salt reach into every area in the lungs and help destroy bacteria. Sodium chloride has been shown to stimulate production of macrophages which eat bacteria and cellular debris. It has also been shown to improve the viscosity or flow of mucus, which is helpful in expelling allergens and pathogens from the airways.

What do we mean by allergy?
It is a reaction of a person's immune system to something that may not affect other people. Allergy is caused by harmless substances called allergens which provoke an exaggerated reaction from your body. Allergens maybe in the forms of pollen, dust mites, mould spores, pet dander, food, insect stings and even medicines. Symptoms are displayed when your nose, eyes, lungs or skin are exposed to allergens. Allergy symptoms vary and it can cause allergic conjunctivitis, itchiness and runny noses, sneezing, rashes and swelling.

Can Salt therapy relieve my nasal congestion?
If you are suffering from nasal congestion, salt therapy will help decrease the swelling of the "nasal mucosa" which causes nasal blockage. The airways passage of the nose will be widened and the sinus drained..bringing relief!