* Please note that results can vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.


quote Highly recommend. Gill and Caroline are so professional and go above and beyond in customer service. Both ladies are friendly and always smiling - full of knowledge & advice while listening to every clients story. I think i'll keep going back for that chats when I'm finished all my treatments.quote

21 November 2018


quote Always very reassuring and informative care provided along with excellent treatments.quote

30 October 2018


quote Week 2 of the 3 week plan. 13lbs down and 4.5" off my tummy. Thank you for the support and guidance, Caroline and Gill, I will continue with the maintenance program after this one is finished and look forward to reaching my goal.

If you need to lose weight and want quick results this is the program for you.quote

10 October 2018


quote I cannot thank ultimate health enough for there amazing support.

Going strong on the hgc diet .... week two and Iíve a stone down ... Ive 2inches gone off My thigh , 2 off my waist and 3 off my tummy. Iíve never had such amazing results so fast ... it is worth every bit of it ... I canít thank you enough for all your support Caroline Danaher and Gill xxxx I finally have my confidence back.quote

2 October 2018

Ni Riain

quote I have been a client here for almost ten years and I canít recommend the services offered by Ultimate Health Clinic highly enough! Caroline and Gill are so professional and really reassure you as you undertake any course of treatments with them. quote

11 August 2018


quote The team at The Ultimate Health Clinic are the most sincere, welcoming and caring people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. The care and concern I was shown from the minute I walked in the door from both Gill and Caroline was incredible and something truly rare. I attended the clinic with the hope of gaining back control of ongoing health issues which were causing me severe abdominal pain. After seeing numerous consultants, getting several diagnoses and being prescribed various medications, I felt completely misunderstood and extremely disheartened and frustrated. However, at the Ultimate Health Clinic, Caroline took the time to listen to me and gain a wholehearted view of me, my lifestyle and my health complaints out of genuine concern for my well-being. The empathy Caroline affords every client is something truly unique. She goes beyond the call of duty, driven to help each person get to grips with the root of their health problems. The knowledge she has shared with me in a short amount of time regarding nutrition and how to properly heal the digestive system has completely changed the direction of my health. I couldn’t recommend The Ultimate Health Clinic more to anyone suffering with allergies, intolerances, inflammation, digestion and chronic or acute pain. You are not treated as a number, you are treated as a friend; your problems aren’t viewed as something you have to live with, they are addressed and managed accordingly. This is what makes the clinic so unique and I feel extremely lucky to have found them.quote

05 April 2018


quoteI genuinely think that walking through these doors was the best decision I have ever made! My experience from start to finish has been great. Gill in front of house is so welcoming and friendly that I felt at home straight away.

I have suffered quietly for years with my tummy .. not something that is freely talked about .. under the guidance of caroline for the last while and with treatments I feel fantastic.

Caroline put me at ease straight away and is a genuine person with your best interests healthwise as a priority, she is truly fantastic.

If anyone is contemplating coming to this clinic .. pick up the phone now I promise you will not regret it.quote

13 March 2018


quoteI'm 47 years and have suffered with gastrointestinal problems since a very young age, in fact I can remember my parents taking me to the hospital for extreme bouts of constipation, I was only 10 years old.

In my thirties I developed IBS. By the time of got to my forties I had a duodenal ulcer.

My constipation never went away in fact I'd got so used to this that I actually thought it was the norm. I ate reasonably well, but in the last couple of years I noticed that regardless to what I ate I ended up with a upset stomach, constant bloating drained beyond believe. Even my sleep was now as iregular as my bowel.

At the start of December 2016 I plucked up the courage to call Ulimate Health a seek help. I explained my problem to Caroline, and she was able to diagnose straight away. On the scale to 1- 10 Caroline had me at an 8. I was in a bad way. But if I followed her diet tips and colonic irrigation I could get myself back to normal. I listened and followed every instruction also avoiding the foods that came up on the intolerance test. Now just one month on and I'm back to normal, I feel fantastic, energy levels are right up and there's no bloating, even my skin is younger and fresher.I'm now a firm believer that you need to clean on the inside to see the benefits on the outside. It Works!

I Highly recommend Caroline and her team at Ulimate Health, and will continue to to visit for regular checks. They're lifesavers!

Anyone out there reading this and unsure. Make the call, you won't regret it.quote


quoteThe year 2016 for me will stand out in my memory for a very long time. At the end of 2015 I was beginning to feel tired, and lethargic. From being a bubbly outgoing individual flowing through life, I became irritable and very anxious. As 2016 approached insomnia began to set in and for the next 5 months I had very little if any sleep. It was a horrible time and accomplishing simple tasks became very hard work. At the start, I did not know what was wrong, it was just that I couldn’t sleep as normal which resulted in tension and anxiety setting in. My symptoms began affecting my work as well as every other aspect of my life.

Everything came to a head around September 2016. My energy levels collapsed and I was suffering from bouts of severe intestinal pain. Researching through the internet looking for a solution I came across a German Doctor who had published books on intestinal healing methods and through this information I found the Ultimate Health Clinic. It was now late November 2016 when I contacted the clinic.

I went through a series of colonic treatments along with three liver flushes and the results are that my suffering is over! I no longer suffer from intestinal pain and my sleep patterns are regular once again. I am on a new diet which is far healthier than what I was used to. I was dealt with very sympathetically at the clinic by Fiona and Caroline. I was informed at the start that I could be helped and that I would be healed if I followed their advice. At the clinic, the cause of my ailment was dealt with along with the symptoms. Also, the backup support that was provided proved to very reassuring in those times when I began to doubt myself. The whole experience for me has been a learning process as well as a very empowering experience since through every step I was informed of what was going on within my body. This helped me to regain my confidence as I was playing a very important part in the whole healing process.

My complaint is not unusual and I know there are thousands if not millions of people suffering from intestinal sicknesses worldwide.quote

Liver Flush

quoteDuring my time at the Ultimate Health Clinic I was brought through a series of colonic treatments along with three liver flushes and the results are that my suffering is over! The whole experience for me has been a learning process as well as a very empowering experience since through every step I was informed of what was going on within my body. This helped me to regain my confidence as I was playing a very important part in the whole healing process.

When preparing for the liver flush, it is very important to follow the procedure as is laid out by the Ultimate Health Clinic. It is amazing to see how the body can heal itself through this procedure and it gives the inner body a feeling of cleanliness. Energy levels begin to increase as the tiredness and lethargy begin to abate.quote


quoteEver since my 20s I have always had problems with my gut. Be it recurring ulcers or I.B.S there was always pain and discomfort from something I was eating or when life got stressful. I was even admitted to hospital a few time in agony, only to be given pain killers after a 10 hour wait and sent home a few days later, when the painful swelling went down. This was driving me crazy and really stopping me from enjoying my life. My sister suffered from the same kind of stomach issues and finally got a food intolerance test done. She was stumped by the amount of food types she had to avoid but managed to avoid them for 3 months and felt a lot better afterwards. Taking her advice I rang up the Ultimate Health Clinic to find out what exactly was going on with me and where I was going wrong. What was I eating or not eating that was causing all these problems? The staff were so down to earth and friendly. It only took a second to take a blood sample and few days later I received my results of the list of foods that set me off. I was stumped, wheat, eggs, tomatoes..Most of the foods I love were forbidden for 3 months. But with the help of Fiona everything was explained to me. Alternatives were offered. At first I found it hard but I like food and enjoyed exploring the replacements for potatoes (sweet potatoes, delicious), milk (soya milk, coconut milk) and so on... Fiona recommended the I get a colonic to clean out my gut. I was a bit apprehensive at first but my partner was interested in getting it done so we went together. It was easy and painless and I was in good hands.

The procedure doesn't take long and the clinic is homely and comfortable. You have your privacy and you can take your time preparing and finishing. Everything is explained to you and I was amazed to learn so much about how parasites in the gut can really damage your health.

Caroline explained it all to me and I realized that this was my problem all along. These things were causing all the problems. Hitting my immune system and draining my energy. Unfortunately 90% of the population have them but don't know it. I have had 4 colonics and am due my final one next week. I have to say that I feel so much better. My stomach isn't bloated anymore. I am getting better results from exercising and people have said it to me that I am loosing weight. I always found it very hard to loose weight at the gym and spent a fortune on protein shakes and the like which got me nowhere. For the first time I am loosing weight properly and I feel way better than I used to. I used to constantly catch cold and flus all the time and find them hard to shake, not anymore. I would definitely recommend Ultimate Health Clinic, the staff are very friendly and will chat away to you. They are a great team and look after you and will answer all your questions. Plus they do a great payment plan so you don't have to pay everything up front. I should have done this years ago.quote


quoteWould just like to say a huge thank you to Caroline and Fiona and Aisling in Ultimate Health. We tried Gym for years and healthy eating and only got so far but never moved beyond it health and weight wise and had tummy ailments and bloating and other stomach problems. We decided to try Ultimate Health. The professionalism and advice we got was fantastic. At the same time it was not rocket science or health babble.

Many so called Health guru's and magazines out there just seem to alienate people rather than encourage them. It was just not achievable and they suggested foods we either couldn't get, cook or liked

We decided to go for Colonic Hydrotherapy and it was a first for us after seeing an add on facebook. I knew what it was thanks to the internet but never really understood it. We never really looked at other health options and were even afraid of them. Lets face it. The first thing you think of when someone says colonic hydrotherapy is someone putting a tube where the sun don't shine and you'd be mad if you weren't scared of that lol but it was a breeze as they say. I read about toxins building up in the gut and parasites and knew this was worth doing. It has been an education at Ultimate health

We are on our third or fourth treatment now and all I can say is I can't believe the difference it has made on our lives. Being a man I hated the belly and tried everything to get rid of it and gave up the drink even but still couldn't shift it. We also thought it was just women who went to these clinics but realised that many men also go now. My partner had the same issues with belly fat. We went to the gym and spent two hours a day 5 days a week and ate healthy (we thought). We lost weight but around the belly was very hard to shift

I used to buy Mens Health magazine and all I could see was the six pack on the cover and I did everything in my power to get it in the gym but it was pointless. We were eating all healthy food and working out two hours a day breaking our asses and still could not get rid of the belly.

I was just giving up when we saw an add on facebook for Ultimate Health.

But the great thing is we just rang and had an appointment in no time and it was brilliant very practical and common sense approach with no scary procedures or anything like that. I know because I have had many things done that would make you blush but the professional and practical approach was excellent and nothing like we expected. You never feel exposed or vulnerable. In fact its cosy and homely and very relaxing. I would recommend anyone to speak to Ultimate Health. The staff as excellent and down to earth and make you fell right at home. The best part was also the payment plan which enabled us to get sorted.

For financial reasons we could not afford the gym and stopped going last year and now we have lost more weight outside the gym and look and feel great with less stress on our body and less pain from treadmills. We go for an hour walk a day or forty mins in the fresh air and get so much more from it and its free.

We used to say oh I'm heading to the gym but its all the more trendy to now say well I'm off to the health clinic. I could have saved myself a lot of money and stress and pain if I went to Ultimate Health earlier.

I'm very happy and there isn't a day we don't feel better and look better and people noticed the difference straight away and we never told them so it goes to show you.

On a practical note for the last two weeks I am wearing t shirts I had in the wardrobe for the last year that were too small. Now they fit no problem and we will continue with the programme because it finally works for us after so much hard work and not getting the results we wanted.

Thank you for all you great health tips and advice on the page. See you again soon. If you are one of those people who have eaten healthy and exercised and still have issues then speak to Caroline in Ultimate Health. It is a pleasure to write this review because we have never felt better.quote


quoteThank you so much Caroline for the amazing treatment, advice and support which you have given me over the last few weeks. I cannot believe the difference in my entire system!! My candida is finally under control (not controlling me), my sugar cravings are gone (which is totally amazing seen as I was a complete addict!!) not to mention the difference in my skin, hair, nails, energy levels etc. You have seriously transformed my life and my only regret is that I did not find your clinic sooner. I feel this amazing and I haven't even finished my course of treatment (colonic hydrotheraphy) so I cannot only imagine how brilliant I will feel once I am finished. There will be no stopping me .

Thanks again Caroline, I will certainly be recommending you to everyone.quote

21 Years Old

quoteEven from infancy i have struggled with bowl problems. In sept/oct 13 my bowl problems violently flared up, i was severely constipated for days almost weeks at a time, with painful cramps, spasms and severe bloating withwhich i was constantly in pain with to the point that i wasn’t sleeping.

Colon Hydrathereapy

My first visit to the ultimate health clinic newbridge was very pleasant.

Trish was so helpful and friendly that she made the whole experience very comfortable and relaxing. Trish very clearly explained the procedure, my treatment plan, about IBS and how to control it.

With the food intolerance test, my food was very easily managed.

I am now on the right track to managing my IBS successfully. I really notice the difference and i really look forward to my colonics.


Salt Therapy

quoteI have suffered from a cough and some chest problems on and off over the years. This last winter I seem to have had a bad run of it. All in all I have to take three lots of medication, between antibiotics and steroids.

Due to all this medication I found myself getting tired. The cough would go away only to come back again a week later. It would be at its worst in the morning time. I did not know what I was going to do, however I knew that I did not want to get any more medication.

Then my husband saw the advertisement on the Limerick Post to do with the Salt Therapy. I had never heard of such a therapy before. From the first day I tried it I could feel the positive effects. After each therapy session I felt stronger. My breathing has improved a lot, though I still have to use my inhaler the odd time. I do not know myself.

What I found a great help was the fact that Fiona and the rest of the staff were all so helpful in every way imaginable.

Thanks girls.

Noreen (Limerick)quote

Salt Therapy

quoteFor the past weeks O have been attending the Ultimate Health Clinic in Limerick. Over a number of years I have struggled with my breathing which has meant I could not train to my full ability, had to use numerous inhalers and antibiotics to treat lung infections etc.

Since I have attended the clinic and used salt therapy I have found that my lungs are clearing. I have cleared mucus which would of caused infection. I have not needed antibiotics or inhales, though I have been advised by the clinic to make sure I have my prescription if I need it.

I have also found that I can breath better and am using most of my lung capacity which I couldn't before. I have started to train better and longer. I would recommend salt therapy to anyone who suffers from chest problems or Asthma. The clinic is friendly and professional, thank you Ultimate Health

Ian Ryan
Limerick County GAA Footballerquote

Salt Therapy

quote I have been visiting the Ultimate Health Clinic and using salt therapy for the last month. I have found a huge boost in my lung capacity whilst playing and training and therefore have found myself to have more energy.

The salt therapy has been excellent in clearing mucus which I would have found to be a problem for me personally beforehand. Since I have been using the salt therapy I have stopped using my inhalers and my stamina has improved so I have pin pointed this solely to the salt therapy. This has allowed me to train at a higher level than I was before due to having breathing difficulties.

I would certainly recommend the salt therapy for anyone who is suffering in any way with breathing difficulties/ infections etc. I have found the clinic and its staff to be very helpful and professional.

Continued success in the future Ultimate Health Clinic,

Danny Neville
Limerick County GAA Footballerquote

20 Years Old

quoteSince starting irrigation treatment about 8 weeks ago, I have noticed many changes, for the better. I definitely have fresher breath, better digestion, less bloated and am less constipated. I lost 5 lbs initially and have more energy and no longer fall asleep during the day. I also have less wind and no stomach pains or embarrassing moments.

When I met Caroline, after some nervousness my colonic sessions went great and I felt such a difference. There was a huge difference in the amount of waste eliminated. I love the way I feel afterwards, eating is now an enjoyment rather than a necessary to be tolerated. Health wise, I haven't felt so good in years. Thanks Caroline!quote

36 Years Old

quoteI came to Ultimate Health Clinic three months ago with severe pain after suffering for two years with irritable bowel syndrome. For the past couple of years I had all the necessary tests done as well as uncountable visits to specialists and GPís all over Ireland.

My health was getting worse. Nobody could help me anymore. Doctors and specialists couldnít do anything for me. For years I was taking tablets and painkillers prescribed by doctors. Unfortunately I was only getting worse. I didnít have a social life anymore and I was constantly tired and in pain.

A friend of mine had told me about this clinic located in Limerick and Dublin, which helped people like me. I arranged an appointment not knowing what was ahead of me. A week before my first visit, my health got so bad that I wasnít physically able to get up, walk or go to work. I cried from the pain I was going through and the painkillers werenít working on me anymore. I called the clinic and told them about it and they arranged a visit for me the same day and helped me without asking any questions.

The clinic took me under their wings and now I am happy to say my health, with their help, has improved. I am back to work full-time and since then I have never taken a sick day off work.

I would recommend the Ultimate Health Clinic to everyone with or without health problems at anytime. They care about people and the help everyone to keep a healthy lifestyle. quote

8 Years Old

quoteMy first contact with Ultimate Health was when I visited their website in January of this year. I had done a fair bit of research on the improvements that colonic irrigation can often bring to a patient. My hope was that it would improve my psoriasis, increase my energy levels and get rid of that bloated stomach feeling.

The clinic was contacted by phone and an appointment was made. The procedure was explained and within a few days I had received my pre-treatment diet instructions.

At the clinic, Caroline and her staff were very professional and made me feel comfortable with the whole process. After the first treatment Caroline was able to estimate how many sessions would be required. The most remarkable effect of that first treatment was the considerable reduction in the size of my abdomen and the absence of that bloated feeling. Almost immediately, I felt lighter. In the following mornings I noticed a considerable increase in my energy levels. After only the second session, a visible improvement could be seen in my psoriasis. I was free to phone at any time for advice and help, if I needed it. Appointment times were always arranged to accommodate my schedule, where possible. Carolineís philosophy is Ďyou are what you eatí and it was clear to me that the best results would be achieved by following her advice.

On a personal level, the treatments have greatly increased my overall health, with my energy levels and overall zest for life greatly increased. My new found awareness of the importance of what and how I eat has changed my health for the better. Deciding to have the treatments and staying with the programme has given me a feeling of empowerment, because I have taken charge of my health. Colonic irrigation and the people at Ultimate Health have changed my attitude to my health forever and I look forward to a long beneficial relationship with Caroline and the staff at the Ultimate Health Clinic.quote