Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

At The Ultimate Health Clinic, we are bringing state of the art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) technology to you!
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a specialized oxygen treatment that enhances the body’s natural healing processes by inhalation up to 95% oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled.
It treats a wide variety of medical conditions, usually as part on an overall medical care plan. The innovative and ergonomic SM 7013 chamber is designed for complete client comfort in sitting or in a reclining position. The soft walls of the unit structure provide great flexibility for assembly, disassembly and freedom of transportation. 

WHAT IS Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is one of the most effective methods of delivering oxygen to all cells in the body. For therapy, specially constructed hyperbaric chambers are used, in which, under conditions of increased pressure of 1.3 - 1.4 ATA, oxygen is administered to the body in almost 100% concentration and in amounts not available outside the chamber. Thanks to the increased pressure, oxygen can penetrate places where it is not possible under normal conditions - to areas with poor blood supply, such as wounds, impact foci, inflamed areas, etc. During the treatment, oxygen dissolves in the blood, lymph and cerebral fluid. spinal. These substances transport it to every cell in the body, which in turn initiates the natural mechanisms of "repairing", regenerating and revitalizing the body. Oxygen supports the treatment of infections and inflammations and increases the multiplication of stem cells up to 8 times. These, in turn, travel to damaged tissues, causing them to regenerate. At the same time, they have the ability to transform into any tissue of the human body: muscle, bone, cartilage, skin, nervous, etc. Stem cells are present in the body throughout life, ensuring proper functioning and regeneration. Unfortunately, as the body ages, their ability to renew themselves diminishes. Oxygen therapy significantly stimulates them to action. Therefore, it is worth taking care of proper oxygenation of the body and thus activate the natural regeneration processes of the body.
Proper oxygenation of the body is a guarantee of health, wellbeing and beauty.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Benefits

  • Provides An Increased Amount Of Oxygen To Diseased And Hypoxic Tissues

  • Accelerates The Treatment Of Difficult-To-Heal Wounds

  • Shortens The Recovery Time After Surgical, Dental And Aesthetic Medicine Procedures

  • Has A Stimulating Effect On Fibroblasts, Which Are Responsible For The Synthesis Of, Among Others Collagen And Elastin, I.E. Fibers That Provide Skin Elasticity

  • Slows Down The Aging Process

  • Improves Blood Circulation, Supports The Work Of The Heart, Accelerates The Development Of New Blood Vessels

  • Has A Stimulating Effect On The Immune System

  • Supports The Body In The Fight Against Infections, Has A Bactericidal And Bacteriostatic Effect

  • Affects The Functioning Of The Nervous System And The Brain (Supports The Treatment Of Autism And ADHD, Alzheimer's And Parkinson's Diseases)

  • Reduces Tissue Swelling And Fluid Loss

  • Definitely Increases The Efficiency Of The Body In Athletes

  • Fights Chronic Fatigue

  • Accelerates The Elimination Of Carbon Monoxide

  • Improves Sexual Performance And Promotes Its Maintenance

  • Improves The Ability To Remember And Concentrate

  • Accelerates Metabolic Changes

  • Increases The Number Of Stem Cells

  • Affects The Growth And Proliferation Of Cancer Cells

  • Improves Lung Function Cleanses The Body Of Toxins

  • Heals Infections Supports Weight Loss

  • Reduces Pain And Relaxes The Muscles

  • Reduces Stress And Tension

Hyperbaric therapy for a senior with symptoms of rheumatism causes:

  • Soothes Pain And Anesthesia

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Regenerates All Tissues

  • Slowing Down The Joint Destruction Process

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a universal and safe method of treatment. People of all ages can gain from the beneficial properties of oxygen. However, there are situations in which oxygenation of the body in a hyperbaric chamber will not be possible. As with any medical procedure, there are also contraindications here.

People with chronic diseases should consult a doctor before starting therapy.

1. inflammation of the paranasal sinuses
2. acute ear problems
3. history of epilepsy
4. treatment with certain drugs (e.g. Adriamycin, Cis-platinum, Bleomycin, Disulfiram)
5. high temperature
6. history of pneumothorax
7. surgical procedures in the chest and respiratory system within less than 3 years from the date of surgery
8. inflammation of the optic nerve
9. pregnancy
10. a pacemaker, with the exception of models that have a certificate confirming the safety of the pacemaker operation under increased pressure
11. lung diseases with carbon dioxide retention
12. haemorrhage
13. disseminated neoplastic disease
14. claustrophobia
15. diving and flying 24 hours before and after oxygen therapy treatment
16. implanted hearing aid
17. congenital spherocystosis



Give the body the right 'tool' and it will easily overcome the disease!


The hyperbaric "capsule of youth" will keep the beauty of your skin for longer!


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - your natural doping


Study finds hyperbaric oxygen treatments halt the aging of blood cells and reverses the aging process.


It significantly improves the quality of life of a person affected by ASD


Oxygen hyperbaric therapy is one of the few methods that helps in treating complications after the COVID-19


After entering the chamber, the first stage is the compression process, which takes 10 min and the chamber pressure reaches 1.3 -1,6 ATA. There is an air exchange through the concentrator, delivering 95% oxygen to the chamber. In the next stage we are under the influence of pure oxygen for 60 minutes. Oxygen supplied to the body supports its rapid recovery and allows for better results in ongoing rehabilitation or recovery processes. Due to the increased pressure, oxygen is delivered to the entire body and penetrates even areas with poor blood supply. Higher oxygen levels are found in the cerebrospinal fluid as well as the lymph. The body uses oxygen to restore homeostasis by reducing inflammation, reversing the aging process, accelerates the regeneration of hard to heal wounds by stimulating stem cells. The final finishing step is decompression for a period of 15 min, ending the oxygen session in the hyperbaric chamber.

Preparation for the treatment:

1. Do Not Drink Alcohol At Least 12 Hours Before The Procedure

2. 3-4 Hours Before The Procedure Do Not Smoke, Including E-Cigarettes (For A Better Treatment Effect, It Is Recommended To Stop Smoking Throughout Its Duration)

3. Clients With Diabetes Should Eat A Meal Before The Procedure And Take Antidiabetic Drugs According To The Treatment Regimen Used So Far.

4. During Oxygen Therapy, Client Should Take Their Current Medications And Inform The Staff Operating The Chamber About Any Changes In Treatment.

5. It Is Not Recommended To Consume Carbonated Drinks Immediately Before The Treatment.

6. Comfortable Cotton Clothes Are Recommended For The Treatment In The Hyperbaric Chamber.

7. Before The Procedure, It Is Not Recommended To Use Creams, Perfumes, Deodorants And Hairsprays.

8. Before Entering The Hyperbaric Chamber, Remove Wigs Or Hairpieces, Loose Dentures, Contact Lenses, Jewelry And Watches.

9. It Is Strictly Forbidden To Bring Flammable Substances Into The Chamber: Lighters, Matches, Cigarettes And Devices Powered By Batteries, Such As Mobile Phones.

10. Before The Procedure, The Personnel Operating The Chamber Should Be Informed About Any Infections And Ailments

11. Dressings Put On On The Day Of The Procedure Cannot Contain Preparations Based On Fats (Creams, Ointments, Etc.)

12. In Order Not To Leave The Chamber During The Session, It Is Recommended To Use The Toilet Before The Procedure


The standard duration of a session in a hyperbaric chamber is 45-60 minutes. Our modern, soft chambers ensure a comfortable sitting or lying position during the treatment.

The oxygen therapy treatment takes place in three stages:

  1. After the client enters the chamber and it is tightly closed, compression takes place - the pressure in the chamber gradually increases until the target value is reached. Compression is accompanied by noise and possibly a feeling of warmth. The client may feel a slight pressure in the ears (like an airplane starting). To overcome this feeling, you can try to swallow your saliva, move your jaw, move your head sideways.
  2. The client breathes almost 100% oxygen. During the procedure, the client has time to relax. For example, they may read a book or take a nap.
  3. Before the treatment is finished, the pressure in the chamber is gradually lowered to the value of atmospheric pressure - decompression. In addition to a slight hum, the client may feel a slight chill.

During the procedure, the person operating the hyperbaric chamber maintains constant visual and voice contact with the client.

For the safety, child may stay in the chamber only under the supervision of an adult.

After the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from exercise for at least 4 hours.

After the session in the chamber, the client feels refreshed, relaxed and has more energy and willingness to act. A small group of clients experience a feeling of temporary sleepiness or slight fatigue. It is related to the process of removing toxins from the body.


"James here I had the Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, was in yesterday staff was more than helpful, also had red light therapy was very relaxfull, looking forward coming back highly recommended "

Regards, James - 19/07/2022

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